In the Hawaiian language, Waimanalo means “potable water.” named for all the streams, springs and ponds originating from the majestic and overpowering Ko’o’lau mountains, which travel the Windward’s coastline from the southeastern tip to the northern eastern tip of Oahu.  Waimanalo of old was cattle and horse ranches, sugar cane fields, taro and banana patches.

Gone are the sugar cane fields, but agriculture and farm lands thrive, along with nurseries, equestrian ranches/estates, Hawaiian Home Lands, residential subdivisions and oceanfront properties. The original Magnum PI filmed at an oceanfront estate in Waimanalo, near Sea Life Park. This rural, tight-knit community is approximately a 30 minute drive to Honolulu and 10 minutes to Kailua. There are miles of pristine, white sandy beaches from Bellows Beach to Makapuu.