Laie translates to “ie leaf,” a climbing vine. Although on the Windward side of Oahu, Laie is the beginning of the North Shore region.  Laie is home to Brigham Young University, the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Hawaii Laie Temple.  The community has emerged into a thriving tourist destination and has had an effort underway for years to rezone agricultural land in order to development thousands of acres into residential homes. The Windward side of Oahu is known for less development than other parts of the island because of its land use zoning.  Pounders Beach, Hukilau Beach and Maelakanahana Beach are local favorites in this area and attract campers and beachgoers year round.

Another historic landmark is Laie Point. Several homes on Laie Point have southeast breathing taking views as far as Kaneohe Marine Base. The Windward side is blessed with magnificent sunrises. Laie is situated such that it captures the sunrise to the east and also enjoys beautiful sunset wraps from the north.