Kahuku in Hawaiian translates to “the projection.”  It is the northernmost point of Oahu.

Although Kahuku is located at the northern tip of the Windward side, as is Laie, and within the designated region for the North Shore. Five minutes north from Laie there is an immediate change in the landscape.  Kahuku is a dryer climate and the mountain range no longer shields the sun in the late afternoons.   Kahuku was one of Oahu’s first sugar plantation communities. The Sugar Mill operated from 1893 to 1971. Today Kahuku is an agricultural powerhouse and pioneer in the farm-to-table movement.  You can’t make it through Kahuku without stopping  at a Shrimp Truck or buying Kahuku sweet corn and watermelon  on the side of the road or eating at one of the organic Farm Cafes.

Kahuku is home to the first wind energy farm on Oahu, and windmill turbines dot the mountain side terrain. Homes in Kahuku are generally residential subdivisions, plantation style neighborhoods, agricultural land.

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