Ka’a’awa translates as “the yellow wrasse fish.”  A’awa is a member of the wrasse fish, common

throughout the reefs. Kaaawa is special for so many reasons, and its mountain peaks and Kaaawa Valley are high on the list. Kualoa Ranch and Chinamana’s Hat are both iconic landmarks and tourist destinations.The Ranch provides catamarman rides from Kualoa Beach Park, horseback riding, jungle excursions in Kualoa Valley, helicopter tours and much more.  This is an ecliptic Windward coastal community with the mountain ranges practically at arm’s length to the ocean.

Locals enjoy fishing, diving, squiding, camping, hiking, hunting and the beautiful beach parks. There are scattered oceanfront properties along the way and lovely mountain side view homes. Kaaawa Valley, also known as Kualoa Valley, has been home to many major motion films. Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Pearl Harbor, to name a few.   This area is truly one of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii.