Client Testimonials

Kahaluu-Sunrise-AprilHaving been in the same home for over 20 years, the thought of selling it was making us sick to our stomachs! But it was time to downsize, and sell the place we had called home for so long. Enter Donna Kohls. We were referred to Donna through friends, who spoke highly of her. Their words of praise didn’t even do justice!

Donna is such an amazing and devoted agent, who we are happy to now be able to call “friend”. Donna is not afraid to get “down and dirty” while helping sell your house. She came in with her expertise, and knew exactly how to stage it and prepare it to get the most out of it. After 20 years, there was some work that needed to be done. Donna has the connections to get it done, or she’ll do it all herself! Donna takes care of all the legal aspects, including the paperwork, which she made seem so easy. She helped clean, she helped us purge our junk in a garage sale, made numerous dump runs, and spent hours staging the house so it would show beautifully.

She would show up before a showing and work frantically staging the house so it was perfect for each and every prospective buyer. She really worked hard so we could get the most out of it. We are happy to refer Donna to anyone who needs and agent who goes above and beyond! Words alone cannot express our gratitude to Donna!

Gary & Gail Nakamatsu


airplane-1aDonna Kohls has outdone herself on all fronts. My husband 91 years of age, had an expired I.D., lost birth certificate, and ss card. Donna spend a day and a half on the phone with incompetent Long Beach bureaucrats to replace it.waterfront homes in kaneohe

Donna has displayed infinite patience, since my husband and I both have strong flammable artists personalities. She had to convince us of the pricing and found us a good handyman for minor repairs, all under heavy protest. Her knowledge, persistence and expert staging (we felt like moving back
in) saved us from not being able to sell at all, in these difficult times. The apt. sold for $750.000, higher than any sold there to date Ready to reinvest, we had strong feelings about one bldg, in particular.

The available apt. was unattractive and overpriced. After a great deal of research in our price range, she found us a charming well priced apt. in an adjacent building with great amenities. We are not only impressed with her hard work and expertise, but with the personal concern she has shown us.
Go,Donna go! You’re born to the challenge.

Sincerely, Claude and Suzi Horan


A couple of years ago, I had difficulties of selling my house in Kaneohe. I had failed to sell it with the first agent. Luckily, I happened to find Donna Kohls and she became my agent to sell my house.

She displayed her strong determination to achieve the goal. After thorough researches, she presented the comparable prices on the listing. She arranged my furniture to make it attractive, brought in her own furniture, and made the interior so well organized. She demonstrated her confidence to make it sellable. She had the broad knowledge of houses and demography.

Most of all, I was touched with her honest and strenuous effort to make the sale. Due to her hard work, I could sell my property for a good price, bought two condos she found in Honolulu, and enjoy my retirement. I really owe to her a lot.

As she is so resourceful in many fields, to this day she still is helping me. She will be my permanent agent.

Sincerely Yours.
Samuel Rhee


image09Donna Kohls is the best!!! She found our home when what we were looking for wasn’t readily available. She helped us with purchasing investment property and finding a lender when lending wasn’t easy. Without these things, we would not be living in the perfect home and happy with our investment options. No detail too small, no challenge too tough….Donna always makes it happen, with a smile on her face, and an unwavering commitment to helping us achieve our goals. Thanks Donna.

Rob Sellers

A Realtor should be someone you can trust with one of the most important investments of your life. A realtor should be a person who can help you find exactly what you want and what you need. A realtor should be a person who will take time, care and patience to help you with this major buying decision. Your Realtor should be Donna Kohls! Donna is the person who you can believe in to help guide you and your family in the right direction. Donna is a Realtor you can truly trust with your hopes, dreams, home and family.

Aldona Sellers