Our Marketing plan

palms-51By developing and implementing a well thought out marketing strategy, we will accomplish the goals of helping you sell your home quickly and at the best price possible. Your marketing plan is designed specifically to promoting your particular property , and is developed precisely to the current market conditions as they exist. As the market changes, one’s marketing plan needs to adapt, as well.

KBay Properties’ up-to-date market knowledge and insight combined with our innovative marketing tools and managing skills assures you the peace of mind you deserve when selling your home.

Helping you prepare your home to sell and developing a pricing strategy are two critical components of your marketing plan. The highest level of interest from a prospective buyer will occur when your property is new on the market. You will have one chance only for instilling a lasting first impression to a qualified buyer and to the community of agents that view your home, in person and online. KBay Properties is highly experienced and committed to helping you maximize your home’s value in the most cost-effective manner. With a blend of resourcefulness and ingenuity, we will assure your home has a wonderful, lasting first impression that will generate you a qualified buyer as quickly as possible.

image11As mentioned, pricing strategy is crucial in attracting a qualified buyer. To assist in determining the right price, we will prepare a detailed analysis of the current market data in your neighborhood and area that is specific to your home and property. There are many important factors to consider in arriving at the right price, and we will outline them in-depth during our listing presentation with you. The uniqueness of your home is an integral part of this analysis.

We will market your property every day until it is sold. To accomplish this, we utilize a variety of savvy marketing avenues. The Internet accounts for over 80 percent of home buyers starting their search online. Online marketing is an inherent part our marketing plan for your property. Promoting your home globally and targeting the right buyer specifically is a winning formula to bringing you a qualified buyer as soon as possible. Our ingenuity and collaboration with our team of experts to promote and market your property locally and internationally, including the power of networking with more than 3,000 agents in the real estate community, strengthens our comprehensive marketing strategy for your property , yielding proven results.

During our listing presentation with you, we will itemize and outline precisely our marketing plan and how we will help you achieve the best price possible and the highest net proceeds for your home.

Our high energy services are designed to help you accomplish your goals through an enjoyable transaction, with peace of mind. As our client, we are dedicated and determined to protecting your best interests.

Please explore our website , including the testimonials, and contact us for an appointment. We are happy to provide further client information in order that you may confirm our services and client satisfaction.